Zynga Poker on Facebook

Facebook is used by many people all around the world and we can make sure that there are many of them who spend their time a lot for playing Facebook. They will not only use the Facebook as the media for building social connection with friends or family because they can also enjoy further entertainment in social platform. Facebook game becomes one great entertainment support which can be offered by this social media platform for its users. Various kinds of game with different theme can be found including the Facebook game which comes with poker theme. Many people love to play poker and this can be the reason why this game is very popular on Facebook. When people are talking about the most popular poker game which can be found on Facebook, it is sure that Zynga Poker must be the answer. Millions active users can be found in a month. People are able to find other Facebook games offered by the same developer of Zynga Poker and this can be the reason why Zynga Poker has been designed for providing the experience of social poker.

Zynga Poker on Facebook

Texas Hold’em poker live becomes the focus of this Facebook game after all. If people want to play this game, having Adobe Flash which is installed on the computer is a must. Then, people can download and install the game app on their computer for starting the game. All that people have to do is by entering the Facebook page of Zynga Poker app and clicking the button of Play Now. If people launch this game app for the very first time, the permission for receiving email updates will be asked. It is necessary for activating their account for playing this online poker game. Adjustment of the email preference can be done afterwards if they want to. Modest amount of chips will be given to the new player for starting the game. However, they can try to click the link which can be found in the first email to get more chips quickly. There are other methods which can be done for getting more chips such as by liking the apps and recommending it to their friends. Of course they will be able to more chips if they can win the poker game.

Various kinds of tables can be accessed from the lobby of Zynga Poker. Players can choose to play in the regular ring game. They can also choose to play in the tournaments which are offered in variety. In the lobby, they can find the Play Now banner which can be clicked for playing the game quickly. By taking this method, the game will take them to certain ring table which is suitable with the experience level as well as chip balance. The experience will be tracked as they play. Fish becomes the beginning role of new player at Level 1. The experience points will be gained as they play the game and win. Entering tournament and obtaining the good position of finishing. It means that people will get higher level with more experience points earned from 100 levels available.

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