UEFA Euro 2016 Country

The Euro 2016 is one of the most anticipated sports event this year, especially for those who devout their life in football. As one of the biggest football league in the whole world, the Euro 2016 which is held in France this year received many attentions recently, especially during the qualifications matches last year. Despite the recent tragedies happened in France last year, the committee for Euro 2016 in France had confirmed that they will still be the host for the most prestigious European Championship next summer. The qualifications for this year’s Euro has ended and twenty four countries has been qualified to compete in the final matches of 2016. The 24 countries are then divided into 9 groups.

UEFA Euro 2016 Country

  1. Group A

There are three countries qualified for the Euro 2016 in Group A. They are Czech Republic,   Iceland and Turkey. These three countries are all qualified to be playing in the final tournament and is the only group where all three countries advanced to the final tournament.

  1. Group B

The three countries qualified for Euro 2016 are Belgium, Wales, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Belgium and Wales are qualified for the final tournament while Bosnia and Herzegovina advances to play off.

  1. Group C

There are Spain, Slovakia, and Ukraine in Group C with Spain and Slovakia qualified for the final tournament and Ukraine qualified for the play off.

  1. Group D

In Group D, there are Germany, Poland, and Republic of Ireland where Poland and Germany are qualified for the final tournament and Rep. Of Ireland advanced to the play offs.

  1. Group E

From group E, there are England and Switzerland which are qualified for the final tournament and Slovenia which advanced to the play offs of Euro 2016.

  1. Group F

The three countries that qualified for the Euro 2016 are Northern Ireland, Romania, Hungary where Northern Ireland and Romania are qualified for the final tournament and Hungary advanced to the play offs.

  1. Group G

The countries qualified for the final tournament from Group G are Austria and Russia while Sweden is qualified for the play offs. The match between Russia and Montenegro created some drama when the game is held. The match had to be abandoned after 67 minutes due to crowd violence from the supporters of bot teams, which result in both teams being given charges by UEFA.

  1. Group H

Italy and Croatia from Group H are qualified for the final tournament even though Croatia had to be charged against racist behavior during the match with Italy in Stadion Poljud. Meanwhile, Norway is qualified for the play offs from this group.

  1. Group I

Portugal and Albania were qualified for final tournament matches while Denmark advanced into the play offs. The 3-0 win for Albania during the abandoned match against Serbia is the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sports due to some crowd violence from both teams. Both teams are also reduced three points each due to this incident and even though they appealed to the court, the decision remains.


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