Texas HoldEm Poker: Track Your Cards and Bets


Are you an online poker player? Throw away the thought of illegal online gambling. Without needed to spend a penny, you can already enjoy poker game online from your Facebook with Texas HoldEm Poker. Check the detailed review here.

Texas HoldEm Poker: Track Your Cards and Bets

About Pyramid Solitaire Saga

Texas HoldEm Poker is a poker and table game by Zynga Inc. which can be played free online from Facebook or mobile device (Android and iOs). This online poker game is considered as the first successful game developed by Zynga which launched in 2007 before Farmville. Forget about sitting in front of your computer playing alone, you will experience online interaction with other player of virtual poker.


The game will play when the dealer shuffles the cards and give two cards for every player. The dealer will keep three cards unrevealed and ask for initial bet. The players who interested will check on this blind round of bet, then the dealer will reveal the unrevealed cards. After that players will predict and play their best hand. For a round, one card will be subsequently revealed then followed by the last card. In the final round, the players will bet their chips in the pot. Players with the best hand on the table will turn out as the winner.

Winning Strategy

  • Know the strength and kind of each hand numbers in your hand, then decide how much you should bet.
  • Poker game is about patience. You better wait until you have good enough or best card in your hand before start to put your high bet and beat the other players.
  • Determine the time to Hold’em or Fold’em. Throw away the mentality of play out because you think you already have enough hand. There is also times when you will don’t know whether your opponent is bluffing or not. Don’t get drawn away with weak hand.
  • Knowing your position in relation to dealer is important. If you are luckily get the last position, you’ll know other players moves, so you can make a better decision even bluffing. But if you are unluckily the first player, you need to make sure you have stronger hand.
  • Read your opponents pattern and take the advantages. You can see what in their hand from the way they betting. For example, when player always do checking but when the Ace is flipped, he suddenly bets, it means he has possibility of Ace in his hand.

Free vs Paying Players

Texas HoldEm Poker is a completely free poker game, but you will encounter sometimes when you can get more chips after paying. Paying players (or VIP players) will also get another exclusive event such as chip bonus, exclusive VIP tournaments, and more updates which can’t find in the free one.

Some complaints from free players revealed that the game start to get slower and the chance of winning decreasing. There are also lots of player’s complaints about the error on their chips payment including losing chips after buying.

If you want to challenge your poker skills, Texas HoldEm Poker is the right answer. Determine the best hand, put your highest bets, and beat your opponents.


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