Sports are games played by both youth and old people almost in every nation. Sport in simple terms entails an activity which  involves  physical effort and skills whereby  two opposite parties or team competes against another for entertainment or in order to gain some benefits at the end. There are different types of sports like football, golf, athletics, etc. Sports are governed by different bodies depending on the type of game and this bodies defines rules and regulations to be followed by the players in the fields. Some of the advantages of sports includes the following:


Sports have helped many people all over the nations since to be healthy and also to keep their body fit. People who engage there lives in sport has improved their perspiration rate of their body and this keeps their blood circulation at the right level. This helps in overcoming issues of high blood pressure, avoid accumulation of cholesterol in their body and thus overcome the problem of heart attacks. All this will help the body to remain in good health.  Sport entails Physical exercise and this helps to keep the body fit through contraction and relaxing of muscles. Most sportsmen people have large muscles and this makes them to be strong and hence they can use this energy at work place without getting tired easily leading to increased production in our organizations.

Secondly sports betting have been boosting economy of many nations. For instance, athletes when they go to compete they win different gifts like gold, silver and diamond which are valuable in nature. Taking into consideration soccer which has been one of favorite sport over the world, there are different tournaments for competitions and this clubs import players from different nation at price and thus this money can be used to earn living of individuals and hence raising the per capital income of a given nation. Also a lot of infrastructure development like playing grounds has been constructed which sometimes are leased for special occasion hence helping the government to obtain revenue to finance its expenditure and thus boosting its economy.

Individuals are always subject to external stimulus both negative and positive ones. Stress has been the key disturbing vice for many people and thus sports gambling games have helped to remove stress among people and help to bring motivation in life. Majority of people  remove their stress through running, playing soccer since in doing so their mind is focused on the game and also it is in process of refreshing. This helps to avoid negative vices such as suicides, drunkardness and other vices.

Sports helps members to interact and hence cultivate the spirit of  team work. Many sports involves interaction of people at both local and international levels and this makes them interact and share good values, culture and challenges they face and thus helping each other on how to handle problems they encounter in life. Also many sports involves more than one player and thus for a team to win they must  be coordination among the players and this leads to team work among the members.

Life entails competition for scarce resources and opportunities and thus sports help individual to  develop the spirit of healthy competition. This makes players to have positive altitude of life even after the defeat and this keeps them on to continue with life. Competition is not enemity and its through sports where individuals can be trained such qualities.

Sports has been used as the Best way of spending leisure time to most individuals and thus helping them to avoid engaging from UN constructive activities. This in returns makes them disciplined and knows how to plan their time well. Sports thus promote good self -leadership and management.

As I conclude sports are good since they add value to individual life both mentally and physically thus making them fit, health and disciplined in the society.

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