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The Euro 2016 is one of the most anticipated sports event this year, especially for those who devout their life in football. As one of the biggest football league in the whole world, the Euro 2016 which is held in France this year received many attentions recently, especially during the qualifications matches last year. Despite the recent tragedies happened in France last year, the committee for Euro 2016 in France

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In welcoming EURO 2016, some people might have planned so many things. They start to pick and list some interesting places to watch the match. Some people might enlist kinds of snack and beverage that are going to be served for welcoming EURO 2016 and during the matches. And, some others are planning to watch the football game live! Are you one of those people? The EURO 2016 will be held on 10

There are people who have been looking forward to watching Euro 2016 and counting the days to the moment. Are you one of them? For some people football game is a must watch game and it becomes a sin if they skip or miss it. Yes, there are people who are too crazy with football matches and prepare the whole things to welcome it. Information is collected places to watch the matches

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Skating is the most essential move in hockey. Skaters skate all the time on the ice rink when chasing opponents or deking them, when they are on possession of the puck, and when they are getting ready for a shot. Skating is an art that every skater has to master. With the exception of goaltender who mostly moves sideways, all skaters mostly skate either forward or backward. Their ability to

England need to aware for Wales in Euro 2016 since it such as face his brother in match. The entire players from Wales are from England with the captain team, the bombing skilled Premier League player Gareth Bale. Roy Hodgson need to be more apprehensive face Wales and Gareth bale despite that England never lost from Wales since 1984.  Unlike the last they face World cup tournament, England belong to group

The defensive midfielder from Liverpool, Emre can has called by Germany coach Joachim Low for Euro 2016. In Euro 2016 qualification match, Emre has play for Germany opponent Poland and Scotland. Coach Joachim Low say that Emre Can has advancement in skill while he in his club, Liverpool and Germany need his pitch and dynamism presence in Euro 2016. This is Emre first international match with senior national team. Before,

  Portugal is arguably the weakest of the top-seeded team in the Euro 2016. However, they would be quite happy to be in Group F along with Austria, Iceland, and Hungary since it is their chance to go to the final. Even so, they still have to be vigilant. Here is how their prospects, how they qualified, and who their key players are to tell you whether they can be