Pyramid Solitaire Saga: A Mysterious Cards Adventure Game


Do you miss to play Solitaire or Pyramid games? After success with Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga, King released an advanced version of them with Pyramid Solitaire Saga. This online card game came up with new amazing ideas beyond the original version of Solitaire. Check it now!

Pyramid Solitaire Saga: A Mysterious Cards Adventure Game

About Pyramid Solitaire Saga

Pyramid Solitaire Saga is a free game card online developed by King. This puzzle game can be played online from Facebook or downloaded for your smartphone through Play Store or App Store. The formula of the game is based on traditional solitaire, but with additional rules, mission, challenges, and high quality graphics and animations. So, you will have more interesting, fun, and challenging solitaire game.


In the initial levels, you’ll receive mission to reach the targeted golden cards between the stockpiled clusters of random cards (most of parts is in the bottom) and get enough points to move on. In a way to pursue the goal, you will also receive other tasks and challenges. The simple rule is by picking the current card from main pool cards per turn as the point of reference for sequence arrangement. Sort the cards from the most top pile, arrange until you clear the table and reach the golden card. On your Facebook, you can only play the game until level 185. But you can keep play on from level 186 and hundreds more from your mobile device.

Winning Tips and Tricks

As your level boost up, you might encounter more difficult levels. Here are some tips and tricks on keeping your winning strike in Pyramid Solitaire Saga.

  • Plan Your Every Move Carefully
  • Pay More Attention on the Background Cards.
  • Don’t be so greedy! Save up some couple of wild cards for the ending.
  • Set up long combos as much as you can to hit the three-star tier.
  • Save up your gold and power-ups, only use them on most difficult level and unlock new world.
  • Learn the use of Blue Stash and take it out wisely.
  • Match your mission goal with your strategy. Don’t waste your cards and moves.
  • Take note extra stipulations beyond every mission goal, the game won’t remind you twice.
  • If the level required you to remove a certain number of cards without discarding, do it right away.
  • Watch out the scarabs! Tap it as soon as possible they appear to increase your points.

Free vs Paying Players

Like the typical of King’s games, Pyramid Solitaire Saga is a free online game, but in some conditions it’ll required you to pay.

  • Your game will provide you a set number lives and a set of moves in each level. How if you run out of them? If you play the game freely, then you need to wait until the lives restored. If you paid up some premium currency, you can play the game right away.
  • The first trial of a selection of boost is free, but in further level, you will require to take out some money to enjoy more of the boost.
  • If you run out of cards in certain level, you need to wait for your friends or wait until you reach the world map. If you are a premium player, you just need to pay for more cards to continue your game.

Join the new world of solitaire game with Pyramid Solitaire Saga on Facebook or your Android or iOs gadget. Clear up the mission and discover the new world of online card game.


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