Keep Your Bow in Optimal Shape with These Basic Bow Maintenance Tips

Archery is cool, there is not much thing to refute that. But maintaining its equipment may take effort and mastering its skills is even more of a challenge as time goes on. However, taking care of your archery equipment is actually not as hard as it may seem, and there are some handy maintenance tips of modern bow maintenance that you can apply when taking care of your bows. Following these basic, simple rules is often important to prolong the optimum shape of one’s archery equipment, as well as ensuring the efficiency and accuracy of its shots. By following some handy maintenance tips to take care of your bow, you can constitute a significant investment in terms of financial matters, especially since archery is quite a prestigious and challenging sports to try in one’s spare time. If you are a big fan of archery, then maintaining your bows is ultimately necessary. Modern bows are designed especially easy to be maintained. So here are some tips that bow owners can use to take care of their bows!

Keep Your Bow in Optimal Shape with These Basic Bow Maintenance Tips

Archery Bowstrings Maintenance Tips

The first is string maintenance. After each use of your bows, archers must examine the bowstrings as well as cables for signs of fraying or wear. Any damaged cables or strings must be replaced as soon as possible. If it is still in a good condition, then they should be given treatment at least once in every month. Archers can take care of their cables and bowstrings by waxing them. As explained, you can simply do this once in every month, but depending on your type of bows as well as how frequent you use it, you might need to increase the frequency of your waxing the cables and strings. If you are about to participate into a competition, then you might also need to wax it more often. Carefully examining your bows is important because it allows you to check it thoroughly after usage. There are many tips of waxing your bowstrings. Here are some of the steps

  • Make sure to clean the string of your bow first, using cleaning agents that are recommended.
  • Also, make sure to utilize a proper wax to wax your cables and strings
  • Spread the wax into the inside part of the bowstrings using your fingers. The idea is to make sure that all of the wax is rubbed thoroughly as lubricant.
  • Also, wax is not necessary on the service areas around the string. In fact, it can bring damage to the mechanics of the bow.

Taking Care of Your Bows

Now that we have discussed about bowstrings maintenance, it is time to discuss about how to take care of your bows. Remember, bow is an archer’s biggest investment. So make sure to treat it well. If you took care of it right, it would take care of you when the time comes. The first maintenance tip is maintaining the connectors and the screws of your bows. Once in a weekly basis, make sure to check on it for any damage. If you have seen a damage or an excessive wear, then you should replace it immediately. If one of the screws got loose, you need to fasten it in a timely fashion as well. The body of the bow is also important to be regularly checked, make sure there are no twists, cracks, or damages to it. Also, you might want to bring it to professionals once in a while for safety checking. Last but not least is retuning your bow. This is important if you wish your bow to have good accuracy and ensuring its long-lastingness.


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