Is Your Favorite Team in?

In welcoming EURO 2016, some people might have planned so many things. They start to pick and list some interesting places to watch the match. Some people might enlist kinds of snack and beverage that are going to be served for welcoming EURO 2016 and during the matches. And, some others are planning to watch the football game live! Are you one of those people? The EURO 2016 will be held on 10 June to 10 July 2016. There are some months ahead before the thrilling moment. We might be able to make interesting and exciting plans with our loving one, or save more money to do a long journey to France. But, wait a minute. Is your favorite team in after the play-off match? Have you got the complete information about the countries that are going to be the fighters in EURO 2016? Read along and update your information.

Is Your Favorite Team in?

Which countries will struggle in EURO 2016?

The result is fixed. There will be 24 teams from 24 countries that will participate and struggle in EURO 2016. There are 6 countries that have fixed to be the champions of final round in EURO 2016; this includes France as the host, while the other 12 teams are waiting to the last 2 matches. There are 23 seats available. You must know the name of the countries as a part of your welcoming EURO 2016 plans. In Group D and Group F, there are tight matches to prove that they are qualified in EURO 2016. Republic of Ireland surprisingly defeated German, while North Ireland gets a good place in a winning place on Greek for 3-1. But Scotland is broken-hearted because it has been dumped in the next huge tournament. So, which countries are in? We all know that there is always play-off matches before the fix result. And it had been successfully held. As mentioned earlier, the result is fixed. So, let’s check whether or not your favorite team is in.

There will be 24 teams in EURO 2016 and France is the host. Here are the other 23 countries. Republic of Ceko, Portuguese, England, North Ireland and Austria as well as Island that made everyone stand in amaze. Some countries that are sitting on top 2 in their groups are Wales, Denmark, Spain, Norway, Slovakia, Italy, German, Poland, Russia, Swiss and Rumania. They have big chance in escaping the final. There is a possibility that Ireland is going to join EURO 2016. They have 18 points, but played more matches than Ukraine that has 16 points. And, this makes some countries like Turkey, Israel, Ukraine or Ireland, Albania, Slovenia, Sweden and Hungary have to fight in the play-off matches. Do you think Dutch, Herzegovina and Bosnia can walk through the play-off matches save and sound? Football observer might be able to give clearer guess. There are predictions and possibilities which countries are going to be top participants. Keep following the latest news and be ready with the whole things for welcoming EURO 2016.

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