Improve Your Poker Skills with Poker Texas Boyaa

Are you a fan of poker games in Facebook? Are you already bored to play Texas HoldEm Poker? Now, you can play with the other version of poker game called Poker Texas Boyaa. Check the details here.

Improve Your Poker Skills with Poker Texas Boyaa

About Poker Texas Boyaa

Poker Texas Boyaa is a free online trusted poker game developed in 2010 by Boyaa, a famous Texas poker game company in China. Not only an entertaining game, but the game is also focused on improving your poker skills. The game came out in another language options such as Chinese, Indonesian, Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, France, Spain and many other version. In every language, the currency and the places will be named as the cities’ name in the country.


The game rules are almost the same with other online poker games. The game is started after the dealer shuffles the cards and gives each player with two cards while keep three cards unrevealed. Each player will take out the initial bet for the first two cards. The players will keep increasing their bets until the player with best hand revealed. Between the bets, players will do bluffing with All In or Raise. Player also can choose their opponents from the beginning to last game.

Success Playing Strategy

To become the best poker player in Poker Texas Boyaa, you can follow and learn these strategies to win the game.

  • Learn about the best open formation strategy

AA, KK, QQ and others are the sample of best open formation in poker game. If the dealer has divided the two cards and you get one of the best cards, don’t waste your time. Choose All In right away for full attacks. It’s the best way to open your winning chance and bluffing your opponents.

  • Don’t drawn away with the thought of real poker game

Having a goal to be the best player is very good, but you still need to remember than this is only a game without betting real money, so you won’t lose any real money. If your opponent suddenly do the raise, don’t afraid to lose. Do the same trick and raise your bets, so the dealer will choose your cards as the next order.

  • Keep the patience and calmness

Poker is about patience to wait the right chance and calm to face the opponent bluffing. If your opponent throws out an All In, don’t right away choose bluffing. Keep your rhythm because bluffing sometimes can stabs in your back. Safe your good hand for the climax to end the game.

Free vs Paying Players

In poker game, as well as Poker Texas Boyaa, there are selling and buying chips activities between the developer to players or players to players. A free player only can play along with the chip they have. But if you are a paying player, you can play non-stop without worry about spending your chips.

In a way, Poker Texas Boyaa has the same fun with other popular poker game in Facebook such as Texas HoldEm Poker. You can not only play from Facebook, but you can also download the game from your Android or iOs mobile device through online poker websites.

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