How to Skate Forward in Rock Hockey

Skating is the most essential move in hockey. Skaters skate all the time on the ice rink when chasing opponents or deking them, when they are on possession of the puck, and when they are getting ready for a shot. Skating is an art that every skater has to master. With the exception of goaltender who mostly moves sideways, all skaters mostly skate either forward or backward. Their ability to skate forward is especially important because they need it to break through the defensive line and to make a shot. The faster they skate forward and the more skillful they control their forward move, the bigger their chance to make points.

Practicing to do forward skate is the first training every skater (all skaters, not only those who play hockey) do. During the training, they have to know how to stride properly, how to bend their body, how to determine striding angle, and other factors that enhance the stability and speed of their forward skate. If you are practicing this technique, two important factors that you have to mind during your training are your starting stance and your striding technique.

How to Skate Forward in Rock Hockey

Starting Stance

Your starting position is an important thing to mind when you want to skate forward. You have to know parts of your body that you need to bend and how to bend them in order to take the best position to fling your body forward. Standing upright is okay for regular skating activities; however, if you are a hockey player, you have to make your starting stance help you achieve the most power. This can be achieved by bending your knees and ankles and not your back. This way, you can generate optimal power to push your body forward.

Striding Technique

Perfect striding technique is the most important factor of powerful and fast forward skate. There are several important things to mind when you stride. First, be sure that you make your longest and fullest stride without making your body bounce upward and downward (your upper body must stand still). Second, make sure that you stride at the right angle. 45 degrees is considered the best for a fast and powerful stride. Third, swinging your arms is important to gain momentum, but be sure that your swinging of the arms doesn’t make your body budge. It must always stand still. Think about the movement of your arms just like when you are jogging or running. Fourth, to gain extra power and speed boost, flick the ice using your toe as hard as possible at the end of each stride. Fifth, after each stride, recover properly so that you are ready to do the next stride. You can recover better if you can maintain your balance. Train using balance board to improve your balance.

With perfect starting position and striding technique, you can fling your body forward with much power and speed. Don’t forget to improve your body balance because it is an important aspect of a fast and powerful forward skate.


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