How to Play Poker Seven-card Stud

Poker seven-card stud is the first online poker game on the internet, before the Texas hold’em poker is on the highest place in recent several years. In the United State, Poker seven-card stud is the other most popular card game due to the great variations. Basically, this game can be played for two players up to eight players. And you will see the difference of this game with the other online poker game. This game will not involve a flop and in most chances, this game will not include any community card, at all.

How to Play Poker Seven-card Stud

The basic game play

To begin this game, each player will be given two face-down cards in the first and after that the third card is up. This kind of card dealt is well known as Third Street. The first two cards are the “hole cards” and the last one is the “door card”. Based on what you get, you will decide to stop or continue with the hand. Almost as same as the other poker games, seven-card stud require great starting selection point on hand. Besides, this way is so important and huge. It will lead you to the victory or vice versa.

Every player will get seven cards in total. The three of them will be face down and the rest will be face up. After receive these seven cards, the player should pick the best five cards in combination. The win and lose rules will be as same as Texas hold’em poker or poker Omaha. The royal flush will happen if there is the possibility in the hand. But if there is high card, it means that you get the worst because your card has no pair.

Antes, bring in and betting rule

We see in Texas hold’em poker and poker Omaha that the blinds will be forced bets. In this game that rule is called as antes. Each player should put the forced bets before they get the cards.

You will see a certain button that will be the trigger or the sign that the game is started or not. But you will not see the button in the seven-card stud. The player who has the highest number in hand will be the first player to take the turn in the Fourth Street. And make sure that you have great card on the starting hand as long as the Third Street is not processed yet. The first hand selection should be solid in order to win the game.


You need to pay more attention to the opponent’s cards if you want to win the seven-card stud. For example, you have the King, Queen, Jack, and ten in straight draw but the three aces are already on the table. It means that there is one ace card holds by other player. If the other player is folding and you are not paying attention to this possibility, your estimations about the odds could be wrong.

If you are kind of the serious player of poker game, you can head to game room to play with other serious gamers.


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