Great Record of Spain in UEFA EURO

Enjoying the news today is a must and perhaps you often do that during your break time or even during your coffee ,tea time or think for the match in different online sports betting. For sure, that will be something which is not perfect when we are not getting such the daily news in our day. That is why updating the info is such a must for us. What about enjoying the fun info related to our hobby, as like football? That is a good thing because we can enjoy getting a lot of information for getting the up to date online sports information regarding to the football, as like the international football. For sure, the international football news nowadays is dominated with the info which is related to the international football championship of EURO 2016. This event will be held in the middle of this year in France. That is from June 10 until July 10. Many of you have been waiting for that moment so that it is really exciting to wait until the middle of this year to enjoy this event. Still, even though it is still couples of months later, we can still enjoy the preparation of the event. We can get the info related to the preparations of each team which are going to play there. Surely, from the qualification matches, there have been 24 qualified teams who are officially going to play in Euro ’16.

Great Record of Spain in UEFA EURO

Many of you have known the teams which have got the info about the qualified teams that will be in France for dealing with the matches of EURO ’16. Then, of course getting the complete info regarding to the teams will be such the exciting thing. One of the qualified teams is Spain which is listed as the part of Group D with Croatia, Turkey, and Czech Republic. Surely, Spain is one of the teams with so many fans all over the world because of its achievement. We are also interested in knowing its records of EURO in any times. Spain was firstly joining this event from the very beginning which was in EURO 1960. Then, this team was the quarter-finals. Then, couples of time, this team also became the winner for some events of EURO. They were the EURO 1964, 2008, and 2012. Those are such the great achievement and of course hopefully Spain can do the best for this year’s EURO for reaching the best achievement as well.

Spain has a great experience to play in EURO. We have discussed above that the team has been joining in such this event started from the very beginning of EURO in the year of 1960. However, they also had ever experienced the worse thing in EURO, especially in EURO ’72 and ’92 in which they were not able to be passed the qualification. However, this team has reached such the great achievement and that becomes the reason why there are so many people who choose Spain as their role model. The great record of the international football, including in EURO Cup is such the great proof.


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