Get Ready for Euro 2016!

There are people who have been looking forward to watching Euro 2016 and counting the days to the moment. Are you one of them? For some people football game is a must watch game and it becomes a sin if they skip or miss it. Yes, there are people who are too crazy with football matches and prepare the whole things to welcome it. Information is collected places to watch the matches are selected and even people to come with are listed. What have you been preparing for watching Euro 2016? If you have just realized that this is already 2016 and you have not even noticed any news from your favorite football player, this article can help you to get start your information catching up. There are some changes in the next Euro football matches. One of them is the team selected. There are usually 16 teams that fight to the final. But this time, there will be 24 teams said to be qualified. So, make sure your favorite team is in.

Get Ready for Euro 2016!

24 teams from 24 countries in Euro 2016

The play-off is over. It means that we already get 24 teams selected for the Euro 2016. Some people might have been so ready watching Euro 2016 with so many plans as well. What about you? Are you going to watch Euro 2016 live in France? The chances are big for you to have a good time with your loving ones without skipping your most favorite matches you have been waiting for. Here are some countries that are going to struggle in Euro 2016 you might want to know. There are 2 teams which had been proved that they are qualified in the play-off. They are Ukraine and Sweden. While in the match that was held on November 18th, 2015, Sweden successfully conquered Denmark with score 4-3. Pretty close, but that made Denmark won. Meanwhile, Ukraine defeated Slovenia with total score 3-1. This makes Sweden and Ukraine catch up Hungary as well as Ireland that have won the play-off earlier.

So, those 4 countries finally added up to 20 teams that have already been selected, including France as the host. There are 18 teams are said to be champions. And then there is also runner-up group qualification and Turkey is on the top 3. Later on, the 24 teams will be divided into 4 pots and ach consists of 6 teams. The raffle was held on December 12th 2015 in Palais des Congres, France. Pot 1 will be France, Spain, German, England, Portuguese and Belgium. Pot 2 covers Italy, Swiss, Croatia, Austria, Russia and Ukraine. The Republic of Ceko, Sweden, Poland, Rumania, Slovakia and Hungary are in pot 3. While in pot 4, we get Turkey, Republic of Ireland, Island, Wales, Albania and North Ireland. How many teams are your favorites? Is your most favorite team in? Those are countries that are going to compete in tight fights during Euro 2016. So far, what are your preparations for watching Euro 2016?


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