France’s Record of EURO from Time to Time

Having so much fun enjoying the leisure time will be that great if we can do something we like, as like we enjoying browsing the info related to our hobby. For the lovers of football, surely getting always updated and getting a lot of complete information about EUFA EURO 2016 is a good idea. That will be an effective solution to refresh your mind while you have a leisure time to spend. The event of the international football championship has been waited by all football lovers all over the world for about 4 years. Sure, in the middle of this year, the event of EURO 2016 is going to be held in France from 10 June until 10 July. That is such the great moment of the international football event that is really awaited. We can get the information about the preparation as well to have so much fun. It is about anything, including about the teams that will play for this event. There are about 24 qualified teams that will meet in France for fighting for a victory in this event. That is really interesting to know about those teams which have been qualified and will start to play in six different groups. One of the teams that are listed on and also as one of the 24 teams is France. The host for EURO ’16 is also playing in its own place for this great international football championship. It also becomes one of the teams which are adored by a lot of football lovers.

France’s Record of EURO from Time to Time

If you are the lovers of the team of France, why don’t you get more information about this team? That will be such an exciting thing to be enjoyed. France will play in Group A for this year’s EURO. It will be with Romania, Albania, and also Switzerland which have been also listed on the Group A. France has been involved in this championship from EURO 1960. In that event, the team reached the great achievement on being on the fourth place. Then, in EURO ’64 and ’68, France was able to reach the position of the quarter finals. Then, unfortunately, in EURO ’72, ’76, ’80, France are not qualified for those moments. After those moments, France was rising up to prepare the next EURO much better and the effort resulted the good thing, seen from EURO ’84 in which France became the winner even though in the moment of EURO ’88, the team was not qualified again. For the next EURO that is in the year of 1992 France can be on the stage of group stage and to be the semi-finals for the year of ’96 of EURO. Again, in EURO 2000, France reached the position of being a winner of EURO ’00. In 2004, they are as the quarter finals as like the previous EURO in 2012. In addition, in EURO ’08, they are only in group stage.

Those are the brief record of France in EURO moments from the year of 1960 until the previous one, 2012. We can see that it has reached the great achievement from time to time even though sometimes they were not qualified. Still, hopefully France can do the best for EURO 2016 and make a good achievement for the record.


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