Euro 2016: Group A and Group B

The qualifications and the play off stage for the UEFA Euro 2016 has been done and over with and now twenty four nations has been qualified for the final tournament in June this year. The twenty four nations for the Euro 2016 are then divided into six groups where there are four teams in each groups. Speculations have been flying around on how the matches between the teams in each group will go since this year’s groups members are quite evened out, based on the strength and the reputations of each teams. Here are information of the matches for group A and group B of Euro 2016.

Euro 2016: Group A and Group B

  1. Group A Matches

The group stage match of Euro 2016 for Group A will started on 10 June 2016 between France and Romania in Stade de France, Saint Denis, France. The match will begin on 21.00 CET. The second match from this group is between Albania and Switzerland the next day, 11 June 2016. The match will be held in Stade Bollaert Delelis, Lens, France and will begin at 15.00 CET. Romania and Switzerland is scheduled next on 15 June. The match will be held on Parc de Princes in Paris at 18.00 CET. On the same day, France and Albania is scheduled for a match on Stade Velodrome in Marseilles at 21.00 CET. The final match day for Group A is on 19 June. The match between Switzerland and France and Romania versus Albania will be held at the same time at 21.00 CET. The Switzerland-France match will be held in Grand Stade Lille Metropole while the Romania-Albania match will be held in Stade de Lyon. Seeing as Albania make their debut in Euro Championship this year, many people must anticipate on seeing how the new comer teams are playing at the matches this year.

  1. Group B Matches

The matches for Group B of Euro 2016 will be opened by a match between Wales and Slovakia at Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux on 18.00 CET in 11 June 2016. At the same day, a match between England and Russia will be held on 21.00 CET at Stade de Velodrome in Marseilles. On 15 June 2016, Russia and Slovakia will have a match on 15.00 CET at Grand Stade Lille Metropole and on 16 June, England and Wales are scheduled for a match on 15.00 CET at Stade Bolaert Delelis. The next ,atch is on 20 June 2016 between Slovakia and England. The match will begin on 21.00 CET and will be held at Geoffroy Guichard Stadium. At the same time, a match between Russia and Wales will be held on Stadium Municipal. The matches between the teams in Group B are most anticipated by their supporters, seeing as most of the teams have met before in different games. Wales is the new comer team that make their Euro Championship debut this year. This will certainly hike up the hope of many of Wales supporters and hope for the best for the new comer team.


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