England Need to Aware Wales in Euro 2016

England need to aware for Wales in Euro 2016 since it such as face his brother in match. The entire players from Wales are from England with the captain team, the bombing skilled Premier League player Gareth Bale. Roy Hodgson need to be more apprehensive face Wales and Gareth bale despite that England never lost from Wales since 1984.  Unlike the last they face World cup tournament, England belong to group that not much terrifying group.  However, with under Roy Hodgson coach, the England national team is going well with organizes, and fantastic team squad under Wayne Rooney as captain. Unfortunately, with the injured Daniel Sturiddge and Danny Welbeck for their last qualification campaign, it is a big pray and hopes for both of them to turn over soon and complement their other England player such as Raheem Sterling, Hary Kane and Wayne Rooney. The striker Jamie vardy has record 111 score success in Premier league and will be next Hodgson squad that important for the team.

England Need to Aware Wales in Euro 2016

However, take back into England tournament record, England need to progress their achievement from the last position.  In Euro 2000, this country has eliminated at group stage. In the next Euro 2004, they lost in quarter- finals. The worst appearance from England is when they are even failed in qualify for Euro 2008. In Euro 2012, they lost their match in quarterfinals.  The record for their World Cup tournament is better with World Cup 2002 and 2006 when they lost in quarterfinal, in World Cup 2010 they lost in last 16 and World Cup that eliminated in qualifying group stage. Consider for this bad appearance, England need to build solid squad with great strategic that will lead them to win the tournament. Football association chairperson, Greg Dyke hopes that England will get out from the bad luck and win World Cup again one day. The teenage dreamer player and senior experience in international match will be the base power for this team to win. England has gone with 9th rank in FUFA world ranking but they have no one gone since World Cup 1990 into quarterfinal. Winning their 10 all games in Euro 2016 qualification campaign, hope that this will be progress from this national team and will be definition of success in reality.

The project to add number of player from Premier League with England player will be the next objective project that achieve to next England World Cup win in 2022. The other opponent that England will meet in Euro 2016 is Russia and Slovakia.  Russia is not as dangerous as in few years ago that come fallen with the Fabio Capello tutorship. Slovakia is the only one team that beat Spain the route of Euro 2016 qualification. The skipper marek hamsik has attacking skilful in serie A league. With this record, this will not hard for England to beat Russia and Slovakia. The only things that England need to do to beat Wales with their lack best player is change the strategy to face Wales that have better players, tournament experience and qualification record in Euro 2016 rather than the other two team.

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