Emre Can, New Shining Germany Squad

The defensive midfielder from Liverpool, Emre can has called by Germany coach Joachim Low for Euro 2016. In Euro 2016 qualification match, Emre has play for Germany opponent Poland and Scotland. Coach Joachim Low say that Emre Can has advancement in skill while he in his club, Liverpool and Germany need his pitch and dynamism presence in Euro 2016. This is Emre first international match with senior national team. Before, he has play for junior national team in every youth level. The chosen of Emre can is not wrongfully since he has build reputation for himself in England Premier League as he play as native Germany. Emre Can is star for Germany U-21 national team in 2015 Summer UEFA U-21 European Championship. Joined Liverpool in summer 2014, after period play for Bayern Leverkusen, he stands out and prove how important he is for The Red’s midfielder and back line. Originally, Low has focus and watch for Emre development in Liverpool and wants more from this talented young player in his national team.

Emre Can, New Shining Germany Squad

Playing in the biggest club in very young age, 21 years old just makes his famous and wealthy as dreaming as fat most young men concerned. Play in most of Liverpool match, this makes his skill and time for develop and mature increase. The maturity and physical appearance support him with 6 feet, broad shouldered and full beard means that hope that people are wishing him as young player that will shine. Under his new manager and fellow Germany Jurgen Klopp in Liverpool, they have much time to train together. Before Klopp assigned, Emre can has play against Klopp former club Borussia Dortmund three times, once when against Bayern Munich and twice for Bayern Leverkusen. From all match, his club never lost. With his achievement, there is no doubt if he next will replace Steven gerrard after he left his club after summer. There was ironic moment as when Emre Can plays as defender by Rodger against crystal Palace and win 3-0 in Gerard final Liverpool appearance.

Such as Mesut Ozil, Emre Can is German international player team that has Turkish decent and born in Frankfurt. With this condition, he chose to represent the country where he grows up. Fortunately, he has technical skill ability that expected from his Turkish heritage. His football skill was developing and mentor by Bastian Schewinster. Bastian has reputation as great strategic technique and nice team mate that give younger player great advice to start his football play.  Last summer, he helps Germany to reach semi final in Under 21 European championships by defeat Portugal by embarrassed goal 5-0. With his bright appearance when he play for Scotland and Poland in Euro 2016 qualification campaign, this will make his start to senior game emerging soon. When he called in these both two games, he is uncapped but with Liverpool in good performs this will ensure his as best player in Germany that emerge and play important role in Euro 2016. The targeting into Champions League top four and Euro 2016 finalist or even winner is not impossible anymore.

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